March 12, 2022 3 min read

We only get one planet. Just like each of us only gets one life to live on that planet. And that’s why, at Saguaro, we’ve dedicated ourselves and our company to making this life the best one we can, and this planet everything our children deserve. 

When you purchase products from Saguaro, you’re not just supporting a small business. You’re not even just supporting the end of the traditional leather industry or the promotion of vegan products and plant-based leathers. And you’re not just getting an amazing, high-quality product that you’ll love showing off.

You’re also supporting wildlife.

At Saguaro we are dedicated to supporting our planet and everything on it and that extends to wildlife as well. In fact, 1% of all of our sales goes to help save wildlife around the world. And that means every time you make a purchase you are supporting wildlife as well.

The unfortunate truth is, none of us really knows just how many species are endangered, many of them critically. And we will never know how many species we have lost throughout history as a result of our mishandling of our planet and the creatures that came before us. 

But we do know that there is more we could be doing. And we do know that the animals all around us need and deserve our help. With just a small investment we can improve the outlook for the millions and billions of animals that we co-exist with every day. We can reduce the number of animals on the endangered species list, and we can create a world that we are happy to leave behind for our children.

Supporting wildlife of all types, large and small, makes a difference in our world. It creates a beautiful and unique ecosystem that could never exist in any other way. In fact, so many animals around the world contribute to our own wellbeing and health (Animals That Became Endangered Species in the Last Decade (businessinsider.com). 

Whether it’s bees that pollinate the flowers we enjoy looking at during the warm months, or the squirrels that help plant trees around the world, or even the beavers that assist with things like climate change, we are responsible for helping these creatures (10 Ways Animals Help Us (globalgiving.org). Without us, they can’t survive, but without them, we can’t either.

Unfortunately, all too many animals are continuing to go extinct as a result of human development. From lions in India, West Africa, and Central Africa, to the Okapi and giraffes, humans are wreaking havoc on the planet and the animals that were here first. The oryx, several species of antelope, the grey crowned crane, the hooded vulture and far too many more to list have all found themselves on the endangered species list. 

Taking a look at this list of endangered, vulnerable, and threatened animals from the World Wildlife Fund is eye-opening and extremely troubling, but only by knowing the extent of the damage we have created can we change anything (Species List | Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Animals | WWF (worldwildlife.org). 

Unfortunately, sport, food insecurity, loss of habitat, pollution, and just overall development have negatively impacted animal species around the world, has led to this endangerment and extinction. And it’s going to take a great deal of change within our society and our world to get people to do what they can to reverse the damage that has been done. 

Every time you purchase a product from Saguaro you’re not just getting a piece that you’ll love to use for a lifetime. You’re also contributing to a sustainable future. You’re contributing to bettering our planet. And you’re contributing to creating a better future for our children and the animals that share it with us. 

At Saguaro we work with the World Wildlife Fund, AWARE Foundation, and The Jane Goodall Institute to make a difference, and we encourage you to join us in our fight for better. Better for us. Better for the animals. Better for our planet. 

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