Saguaro was born in Los Angeles. 

Our mission is to make leather extinct by using high quality cactus leather. We want to contribute to a better world with ecological and sustainable alternatives. 

Saguaro started as our passion for the environment, the animals around us and more began to grow. As we continued to explore and learn more about the plant based lifestyle we realized that it epitomized everything that we valued and so, last year, we decided to create Saguaro.

We started looking for cruelty-free and sustainable options for our own accessories, since many of them are made with animal-based leathers that are terrible for the planet and of course the animals used. And those that aren’t are made with low-quality synthetic materials and plastics, which never last.

We wanted something that would have all the durability and beauty of animal-based leathers, but the environmentalism and earth-friendliness of synthetics. And we found cactus leather from Desserto®. This completely natural product not only provides durability and beauty, but it only gets better with time. 

We want to show you how spectacular cactus leather can be, without the chemicals or the harm to our environment and the creatures we share this planet with. 


Native to the Sonoran Desert, the Saguaro cactus is large, tall, and strong. All things that we feel are important overall and that were extremely important to our brand. And of course, it’s a cactus. 

When we started looking for a name we were stumped at first, but cactus are our foundation and it only made sense to honor them from day one. They say that a name is just a name, but a Saguaro, our name is our lifeblood, in more ways than one.

It’s a way to showcase a beautiful plant, a way to highlight eco-friendly products, and a way to honor our convictions and the traits we hold most dear. We want to be like the Saguaro and that goal is what drives us each and every day.