At Saguaro we use only 100% cactus leather because we know that it’s what’s best for the planet and what’s best for all the creatures who live here with us.

Cactus leather doesn’t require any animal products, which means it protects cattle that are generally used for traditional leather products. That makes all of our products 100% cruelty-free.

But even more than that, cactus leather requires far less water than traditional leather. That’s because cactus don’t need much water to grow, while cattle take gallons of water to keep healthy every day.

On top of that, our material is completely organic because we want to make sure that it’s high quality and made to last.

That means we don’t use chemicals in the production process, including resins, waxes, phthalates or PVC. Every product you buy from us is 100% cactus leather.

They’re also specially designed as the strongest vegan leather on the market and a completely unique and beautiful asset to your daily wear.

Each piece from our collection features a unique touch to combine beauty, functionality and style in a minimalist way.