Cactus Leather Fabric - Blue Navy [40" x 56"]

Thanks to its strong molecular bonding in which cactus plays an important role, Desserto® offers high resistance to abrasion, rubbing, tearing, tensile and a great durability.

This organic, sustainable material is a great alternative to animal leather and other synthetic materials that are not environmentally friendly.

Although animal leather is very resistant it is permeable and can even rot or crack if not dried quickly after it gets wet.

Desserto® has competitive features handling humidity and liquids very well, it’s fully customizable and breathable.

Cactus Leather Fabric For Crafting | 40" Width / 56" Length Sheet | 1 MM (+/- 10%) Thickness | 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Woven Back | Organic | Blue Navy Color

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-> This product requires a processing time of 10-14 days